From Broken to Blue Sky 2016






It was love at first sight for Gabriel and his new mom.  He has a wonderful yard that he loves to hang out in, a poodle sister and a wonderful family who loves him.  Good job, little man.






Claire was extra cute and charming and landed herself a fabulous home.  They did their homework, waited to get a dog and Claire was the lucky one.  Well done, little girl.






Mocha saw the potential for a happy life and she bolted over to Maria and begged to be held.  Maria’s heart melted and as they say….the rest is history.






Roger had only been at the adoption event for an hour or so when his new dad saw him and fell in love.  He didn’t have eyes for anyone else, Roger was his boy.  Roger is doing great, he collects all of his new dad’s shoes and stores them.  It is also reported that he is a bit of a bed hog.






This couple had lost their dog awhile back and were still hurting, but decided they were ready to share some love with not one, but two of our sweet Hesperia dogs.  Trixie and Snickers are now siblings and will have a lovely life being loved and spoiled.






Destiny, now Cali, was praying for a fun life with some adventures and love.  She got her own little hiking club, beautiful yard, home and great food.  This little shelter dog will be living large.  Hike on my little friend.






Max landed a great home and Petco shopping spree. Happy life little guy!






Carson landed a family and kids to play with!






Cassie scored a great home with a super cute couple who have patiently waited for the time to be right for a dog. So happy for this cutie!!!






And then there was one….but wait….this family needed some puppy love in their world! Corky stepped up……”sure, I’ll live with two girls who adore me”. Ok then, done! Happily ever after just like that.






The perfect adopters came for our Toto. It is always so hard when we have had them a long time. Toto had been with us 3 months, but we are so happy these great folks came along. Of course we will miss all the free entertainment he provided.







Gramps came from ABQ and went straight into the loving arms of Carla.  He is 15 years old, has cancer and Carla did not want him to die alone in the shelter.  She took him so that his last time on this earth could be filled with love and creature comforts.  This is the true definition of selfless love for another living creature.






Peg Steed offered to take little Daisy from ABQ into her hospice program.  Daisy was riddled with mammary tumors and had pyometria so severe she almost died in surgery.  She was losing the battle of life and the infection at wracked her tiny body.  She is a survivor and gets to live her remaining days in love and comfort because of this amazing angel.  What a difference she makes for so many suffering dogs.






Valentina is the first ABQ kid to find a home. Super shy at the shelter, she opened up and relaxed within 24 hours. She is such a pretty little girl!






Little GiGi from ABQ found her forever home today. Her new dad out one hand into her playpen and she grabbed his hand with her little paws and kissed him until he adopted her. She was pretty serious about not missing this opportunity! Good job sister!






Chaquita landed herself a soft spot today. Every big cool biker dude should have a tiny chi to snuggle.  This girl is in HEAVEN.


Today belonged to Chanel. She scored herself a lovely home with two little girls and a stay at home mom. Her biggest dilemma tonight will be which little girl to sleep with. Rock on princess!






Beautiful little Diamond Tiara found her mom and snuggle buddy. Both Diamond and her mom are minature versions of their species….a match made in heaven. There is something incredibly special about seeing two little grandma’s over the moon excited to find each other.






Today belonged to Chantel. She scored herself a lovely home with two little girls and a stay at home mom. Her biggest dilemma tonight will be which little girl to sleep with. Rock on princess!






Buster Brown found himself in the shelter in LaVerkin with a badly broken leg.  Lucky for him, the LaVerkin shelter is a great place to be if you are going to be in a shelter.  Recognizing that his leg needed medical attention as soon as possible, the shelter transferred this kid to us.  The Spay Doc tried to pin his leg, but the injury was too old, so there was no other option than to take the leg off.  Buster gets along quite well on three, ended up landing himself a fabulous foster and then a fabulous home.  Good job Buster!






Maxwell Blue got wisked away to an awesome foster home a few nights after he arrived from Albuquerque.  He went straight to the groomer to get cleaned up and settled in.  He learned how to be a good citizen, walk on a leash and behave properly in the house.  He ended up getting adopted to a wonderful home where he is loved and cherished.   Nothing but Blue Skies from now on.






Little Edward moved out to a home of his own this morning. He has a nice little yard and a young couple of his own.






A fabulous Friday for Vince who found a wonderful couple still mourning the loss of their dog. Someone was terribly mean to Vince in the past. They will all heal each other because in the end love trumps all. Beth West and Lisa Prentice made it happen while I played at the flower shop. Love those girls.






My sweet Samara found her home today. She found a lovely family in Cedar City. She has a huge yard and two dog friends. It was my honor to be her friend and share all of her “first” experiences. The gift of this girl’s love and trust is priceless. Shine on Sammi girl you are unstoppable now. You took a piece of my heart with you.






Skye from ABQ finally got her day. This gentleman is disabled, home all day and he wanted a friend to hang with. Skye was also looking for someone to hang with, so it worked well. She is a sweet girl, easy as pie to get along with. So very cool when he leaned over and kissed her little head.






Boyd has never had a dog and our Bandit will be showing him the ropes. At 78 he gets to experience the loyalty and love that only a dog can give. I loved how excited he was to be sharing his life with her. She was worth waiting for!






Our girl Kayla went home today. She has had a tough time losing the only family she knew. We were so happy to find this amazing dog loving family for her. DiAnna wanted someone to snuggle with….Kayla is up for that task.






This sweet little kid was dropped off as an owner surrender. Her new mom waited patiently while another adopter held her, then sized her moment right away. We hadn’t planned on letting her go out yet, but then we couldn’t bear to keep these two apart.






Sweet little Amaiya from Wasco thought it was the perfect day to fall in love. Excited for the prospect of a home of her very own, she signed up for the accelerated adoption program. She arrived on Thursday night and had her spay surgery on Friday morning. On Saturday morning she headed over to the adoption event where she met her new dad. He was head over heels in love with her, and she with him. She has a beautiful home, a couple that adores her, and a Chihuahua sister to play with. Way to go, sis, you’re pretty smart for a little kid.






Stache was returned by no fault if his own and stayed with us for awhile. Today, he was adopted by a lovely family with two little boys who were over the moon excited for a dog of their own. We are so happy for this kid. One of the sweetest most laid back puppies ever






Ray landed himself a fabulous home today. Two dog friends, a huge yard and an array of furniture to choose from. Wow, I could not have invented a better home for him. Happy life Ray, you deserve the best.






Divya found a home of her own today. We went over all of her issues, and these experienced dog people were ready to see about her joining their family. She is a very fun, smart, happy, headstrong and temperamental girl. We are praying that she continues to make progress as she has and can have a happy life with this family.






Wasco day, Carlitos was discovered yesterday and his new mom came back today to adopt him. She has a service dog and Carlitos is just her friend. He already loves his sister and he thinks his mom is pretty spiffy. We think so too Carlitos….way to go buddy. :)






Unfortunately, not a great picture. Fortunately, a great home for Alfie. He gets to spend part time at his house on Springdale and part time at his cabin at Kolab. Hope he remembers us little people. :) Congrats Alfie, on your happily ever after.






We got to adopt Clover now Chloe to these amazing people and dear friends. Lucky us, lucky Chloe that you came into our lives. We are blessed. Godspeed Chloe… from Kansas City, and Godspeed Marnie and Steve, we love you!






Jimmy deserved the best life for his remaining years, and he got it. He gets to spend his last years being loved and he will receive the highest standard of care. Another fabulous team effort. Horrible owners-0 Jimmy-1 for the win. There are angels among us.






Scooter came to us when we adopted Yadira and her adopter passed away unexpectedly a week later.  We met Scooter when we did the home check for Yadira.  Then when we went to pick up Yadira, we couldn’t leave Scooter homeless, so he came with her.  He stayed with us for a bit until he found his perfect family.  We were so glad to be there for this poor kid when his whole world was turned upside down.  We know how much Ursella loved him and it was in her memory that we were honored that he passed through our lives.






Little Tootsie, as traumatized as any kid I have seen. She landed herself an amazing home with this lovely couple. She will have three other dog siblings and she gets the run of the house. No more pain little one…..only blue skies.






Our sweet boy Steeling was adopted a few weeks ago and returned the next day because of an allergic reaction. So, he is back at the dating game, hoping for a true love connection. What’s not to love about Mr. PERFECT?






Henry (on the right), our little fellow from Orange County last fall finally found his perfect family. His new mom is a vet tech and MWI (veterinary products) rep. She is a dog loving savvy girl and she loves Henry already. She wanted a walking and traveling buddy and Henry was definitely up for that. It took a long time to find the perfect home for this very cool guy, but this was a huge SCORE. Well done, Henry.






Monte was just hanging out at Petco yesterday when his family walked in. Dad had a matching bum leg, so it seemed meant to be. His new mama loves him, she called to tell me how cool he is. Yep, true dat.






Mowgli made quick work of finding himself a family. Life is pretty good.  He has some cool boys to hang with and he gets all the attention a guy could ask for.  With that kind of ratio of humans to dog….he has it made!






Sprite was matted and dirty, making money producing puppies for some lazy humans. Now she is loved and cherished by her own little girl. The whole family seemed pretty smitten with her. She loved her big yard and was so excited, she ran circles. Good job sweetheart!






Paris came out of Las Vegas on Monday and started the best part of her life on Friday when she had a sleepover with this great family. They fell in love, she fell in love, and that was that. Godspeed little Paris….these well mannered kind hearted children will show you what love means.






1. Potential mom walked by. 2. Bambi batted her big brown eyes. 3. Potential mom was enamored. 4. Bambi has forever home. Yep, that’s how it’s done princess.






Prince found a lovely mama who is already crazy about him. He will have a fabulous life, and beautiful yard and a dog friend. We could not be happier for this kid.






Dutchess was found by AC dirty and matted with cut and bleeding gums and what looked like road rash on her neck. We surmised that she chewed herself free and ran away. She survived in a field until she was picked up by animal control. An amazing, kind hearted foster took her in and gave her a taste of what a fabulous life could be like. Duchess thought a fabulous life might be fun, so she went to live with a wonderful family. She is the only dog and she will be the princess she always deserved to be.






Wow, how did Allie land herself an amazing home? I’m glad you asked! A kind and generous family took her and made her sleek and healthy as well as teaching her impeccable manners. That made Beth, her new mom unable to live without her. Fostering an animal changes their lives and opens doors for them. If you love animals, consider fostering one and change their life.






Bindi came from Vegas battered and terrified. After a couple of weeks with a wonderful foster she gained confidence and learned to be happy and love. She returned to Vegas but under MUCH different circumstances. Happy life little girl, puppy dog’s dreams do come true!!






Sara had the misfortune of being in a large shelter with a broken leg. She had the good fortune that the shelter people are kind wanted to help her. We were thrilled to have her with us, Spay Doc fixed her up and now she landed herself an amazing home. We could not be happier for this little girl.






Diva the wild child was adopted by an awesome dog savvy couple. I am so happy to be assured that she will be loved and will have the opportunity to learn to be a good citizen.






Starsky was hoping for some love and kindness. He got a family, beautiful yard and two little girls to adore him. Well done little chap.






Miss Tink from the LaVerkin shelter stopped by Petsmart last Saturday to see about a home. In a few minutes she was snapped up and is now living the good life in Cedar City. Good for you sweetie!






Nano came up from Vegas hoping for a better life. He is timid, thin, and has red sore skin from being so matted. At only a year old, he has gotten the worst this life had to offer. Now he is loved and cared for. He will have the very best of everything. So happy for you buddy.






Little Elizabeth was a senior pup with some issues that put her in serious jeopardy at the shelter.  She was so frightened and panicked that she was hurting herself repeatedly banging her head on the kennel.  She got a spot at the ranch with Peg and now she gets to live in the lap of luxury.  No more wandering the streets for this girl.






This lady lost her husband and her dog pretty close together. She came in looking for a friend and Frankie, our cute Shih Tzu mix was more than happy to sign up. She will have the best of everything, including a beautiful shady yard. This sweet girl will have all the love and companionship she could ever want. So happy for this little one!!






So, our troubled little Groucho who is a tail chaser and all around traumatized kid met a lovely couple on Thursday that he wanted to be his new family. We delivered him on Friday morning and by afternoon he had not chased his tail once and was snuggled on the couch with his new mom. The miracle of love.






Cookie hitched a ride with Susanne to St George from Vegas. She went to Petco, looked cute and this couple wanted to make her their own. So now she spends her days snuggling and lounging in the grass. Way to go little confectionary cutie.






Our chubby sausage dog, Logan got himself a fabulous home before several of the other “adoptable” kids. “HA, how do you like me now. I’m snuggled up in bed with my person, who by the way, came on JUST to see me”. As Logan exited, he was looking quite smug. Good job little sausage.






The amazing Peg Steed picking up her newest guest. Lucky Freddie got a golden ticket to the ranch. Finally a break for this little guy.






Little CiCi from Vegas met this couple and decided they should be her family. She was so cute and charming that they couldn’t resist. Now she is spoiled and happy with her new Brother, Tilt. Happy life little girl.






This is a bit past due, since Jane and Lucy nave been doing the happily ever after thing for awhile. I just didn’t capture it in a picture. Lucy had been returned to the Vegas shelter and was pretty nervous and frightened. She is over all that now and she is living the dream. We are always so grateful that some folks are willing to love a dog that isn’t perfect and see what they can be, not what they are.


Kisses, from Albuquerque scored herself a happily ever after. With the ratio of two humans to one dog, she will have all the attention she could ever want. She has her own yard and dog door…she will be the princess she deserves to be.






Ralphie came from the Enoch shelter.  He seemed to be perfect in every way.  He was as cute as he could be with a lovely, sweet temperament and was extremely well behaved.  His new mom saw how amazing he was and was very excited for Ralphie to be part of their family.  When she checked in with Ralphie a few months later, she said he was awesome, possibly the best dog they had ever had.  Love it when people recognize a treasure when they see it.







Such a long journey and sad story for Gracie. Now a new chapter starts. Months of tlc, patience and love led us to this day. Gracie going home. A wonderful couple, patient and kind, committed to continue Gracie’s journey to that happy ending and seemed so far away a year ago. Godspeed beautiful girl.






Some of you may recall our beautiful little Yadira from Wasco was adopted a few months ago and came back to us under sad circumstances when her adopter passed away. A fabulous foster, Melissa gave Yadi love, confidence and some great life skills. Now Yadi is ready to fly solo, and she is doing just that. The sky is the limit for you now regal little princess.






Sprocket was found by Las Vegas AC, abandoned, tied to a bush in the middle of summer. He was intact, 9 years old. Someone’s breeder….discarded? He has some emotional issues, but after a couple months with us he has improved immensly. A couple wonderful gals from Cedar City decided it was time for him to come home. He now lives with Marion and a family of Poodles….they all “get” each other. Along with his new life, he got a new name-Putzi which means “little one” in German. So happy there is a happily ever after for everyone.






Darwin fell in love yesterday. This picture needs no words. Darwin came from Las Vegas with a dislocated hip and some hellaciius road rash. Some adopters passed him by because even though he had surgery and is fixed, he isn’t “perfect”. Well buddy, you are perfect in our eyes, and your new mom loves you just the way you are. You deserved the perfect home, and we are so happy that you got it. Godspeed my sweet boy. May you only know love and kindness for the rest of your days.






Susan made lots of puppies and lots of money for her deadbeat owner. When they were done with her they dumped her at a kill shelter to take her chances. She is a beautiful lady and she will give this lovely family everything they give her and more. God bless those special souls who are willing to love what the world sees as imperfect.






Roxanne landed herself a soft spot with Darlene and Charlie and a fur-sister Lucy. She thinks having a family to love and care for her is pretty cool. We think so too!!!






What a great day to be a rescue dog! Alaina from Albuquerque and Midas from Utah both found homes together with an awesome couple. I watched this couple with the dogs, and thought how lucky a dog would be to spend the rest of their lives with such dog savvy and loving people. So these two special kids got an amazing life today. Some days I just think I am truly blessed to do something I am so passionate about.






Sir Henry came to see the Spaydoc hoping for his very broken leg to be fixed. The joint was shattered and the break was old, so the leg had to be removed. Henry is satisfied with the result. He was available for adoption for a few minutes before an amazing couple snapped him up to be their very own. All of us are very satisfied with that arrangement.






Bailey suffered from neglect and owner apathy. She had very sore itchy skin and flea allergies. Now she lives with a family who loves her and she gets good food and her own girl to snuggle with. This little princess will now be treated as she should.






Skipper is a super cute little fellow. He ended up on the euth list in Vegas because the shelter terrified him. We were so happy to have the little fellow with us, get him cleaned up and show him that the world can be a cool place. He has a herd of little girls to love him and a great future! Congrats little man!






Chaquita, now Pita scored a life with a cool couple. She is already having road rips and fun adventures. I could not have invented invented a better situation for her to be in.






It’s Eddie from Albuquerque happy as a clam in his new home. We have heard from his new family that he is perfect in every way. Yep! We concur. Thank God for those who can see the value in all these little lives and appreciate a cute little grey face.






This is Tory. The miracle of her going to a wonderful home of her own today goes to the team. Tory was hit by a car in Orange County, moved off the street by a good Samaritan and taken to the shelter. Her life was spared by her angel, Sue Kelley Brown who drove her to Vegas where she met Debbie Mata who brought Tory to the Spay Doc. Tory came dragging her back legs and she had several surgeries and periods of crate rest to get her healed. Then more angels entered Tory’s world and she went to stay with Teri Brian and Nathan Hadley where she healed and received diligent physical therapy to try to save her other leg. The nerves were dead and it wasn’t to be, so a week ago her leg was amputated. But, lucky for her the broken leg has healed and gets stronger every day. Now she happily toodles around on three legs. And today, lovely, kind Anna comes to meet Tory, falls in love and takes her home. It was an emotional moment and we all felt the success of that little life….saved.






This little sweetheart is Honey. She came from Vegas where she was hit by a car and found herself in the shelter, alone and abandoned. We brought her to Utah, fixed her up, she looked adorable and this couple adopted and loved her. She has a furry sister and is already being provided with the best of everything. She back to visit us her new mom and dad couldn’t say enough good things about her. Love is pretty cool.






Little Taz was not homeless for long. Francisco was looking for a Tiny chi for his wife, Taz was looking for a kind human to adore him. Easy peasy, happily ever after.






Little miss Sally came to us as part of a breeding pair. Frightened and insecure, she went to stay at an amazing foster home where she learned everything she needed to know about life and love. She was adopted and returned because sadly, she began having seizures. We are so thankful that some folks are able to love unconditionally. There was no question about her future, her foster family was right there for her when she needed them. She then got adopted by a lovely, kind lady who can accept and love her for who she is. She has had one small seizure, but her new mom handled it just fine. And once again, we are so grateful for those who don’t require “perfection” as a prerequisite for love. Jon and Trinity Cyr, you are special people !!!!






This cute little nugget, Mia found love and fun with her new family. She isn’t a huge fan of kids and has lots of terrier qualities. Thankfully, this couple loves her and she fits into their very active lifestyle perfectly. Here’s to fun and adventure little girl!






Little Viva has her own “before” video when she arrived battered and terrified. Let down and abused- all in the past now. She is still a little unsure, but we were starting to see a happy, playful, loving girl. Her new mom fell for her hard, and we love to see it. These kids are unwanted and rejected, so we want to see enthusiastic adopters. Nothing lukewarm about this relationship. Happy life sweet one.






Everyone’s darling little Dino. Tiny, sweet, snuggly, loyal, cute and happy. The list goes on and on. This little fellow with his one ear pointing straight out is off the chart cute. And last night he was snuggled up in bed with his new mom. And that’s why we do what we do. Godspeed Dino, you deserve the best life has to offer.






We are so excited for these cute little nuggets. Lincoln, on the left is a nervous little street dog from Vegas. And Havana, also from Vegas was frightened and neglected. Both are going to an amazing home where they are already loved and cherished. Only Blue Skies from here kiddos.






Mali wanted her own person more than anything, and he walked up and only had eyes for her. So she waited her whole life to be special to someone and just like that….it happened. Her new dad is a truck driver and Mali is off to have some awesome adventures.






Our very cool and sweet boy Bear finally found the perfect family to love. He had suffered serious neglect and lack of socialization. He was lacking confidence and just needed some love to help him blossom into the amazing boy we knew. So, the unique pup with the dreadlocks finally found the perfect spot to call home.






Little Jake (now Chaco) came to us as part of a breeding pair of Chihuahuas. He quickly left all that behind and he now has a great relationship with this sweet girl. She works from home and where she goes, he goes. They are already inseparable. She is crazy about him, and he her. They are so happy together!!






Here are the before and after pics of our Snowball. The first photo is when he was anesthetized for his neuter and liberation from those horrible mats. He is a senior fellow who looked to be severely neglected for most of his life. He found a fabulous home with a wonderful family where he gets all the love he could want, walks and fun adventures. He is a special soul and  he now gets to live the life he should have had all along.





Sweet and beautiful Eve, recognized for the treasure she is, was snapped up her first time out. Only a year old and sweet as pie it was love at first sight. Her new dad recognized what a treasure she is and happily ever after is under way.





Bandit was returned to us through no fault of her own and she was devastated to lose her home. Some kind fosters came to her rescue and gave her love and reassurance. Very soon she was ready to put herself out there and now she has a Shih tzu brother and a secure, happy home. St. George in the winter and BC Canada in the summer. Well played Bandit.





Mary came from our local shelter. She had been returned because she had a bladder infection the adopter didn’t get treatment for and was peeing on the floor. She came to Blue Sky, was fostered by an awesome foster family where she had time to get better. During that time they discovered that she was the most perfect little girl on the planet and she fit like a glove into their mini-pack. A playmate for her furry sister Rose and a bed buddy for her cute human sibling and they all couldn’t be happier. What a lucky little girl she is- and she knows it!

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